Upper Body and Core

Using only a Dumbbell and a Bench, train your chest, back, arms and core in this session. Each exercise is repeated for 3 sets resting 30-60 seconds in between.

10 reps
Place hands slightly outside shoulder width on the bench. Come up onto toes and align body in neutral with core tight. Lower chest to bench, keeping elbows at a 45 degree angle. Make sure to lower to full range of motion before extending back to start position.

One Arm Row
10 reps ea
Leaning on bench with one hand grasp a dumbbell in the other. Raise dumbbell by bending elbow and contracting your back behind the shoulder blade. Think of rowing towards the hip. Lower to start position at full elbow extension

Push Press
10 reps
Hold a dumbbell in "bow tie" position at your chest. Press overhead by bending knees slightly. Keep spine neutral and do not let back arch or compensate to press.

Renegade Row
10 reps
Start in a plank on hands and toes with feet wide for balance. Grasp dumbbell and row with one arm, keeping hips as stable as possible. Place dumbbell back in centre and repeat on opposite side.

Tricep dips
15 reps
Place hands on edge of bench. Position feet away from bench at 90 degrees or straight out. Straighten arms and slide off edge of the bench. Keeping back straight, bend arms until slight stretch is felt in chest and shoulder. Drive back up using triceps by extending arms to start position.

Plank Step Outs
20 reps
Place forearms on bench and hold a plank position, drawing belly in and assuming neutral spine. Step feet out and in alternating, keeping hips as stable as possible.

Give it a go, or if you have any questions you can say hello at:

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Music: Nicolai Heidlas

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