Core Finisher




Core Finisher

Lost for core training ideas to finish your training session? Try these exercises to activate and work your abdominals.

Mountain Climbers
20 reps

Begin in a high plank position on hands and toes. Keep your body in a straight line, core engaged and shoulders over hands. Reach one leg up and under across the body, aiming to reach the knee to the opposite elbow. Use the core to initiate the movement. Return and repeat on opposite leg.

Plank - Forearms to Hands
5 reps ea

Start in a plank on the forearms and toes. Push up onto the hands using one side and then the other, extending the tricep. Return to forearm plank by lowering on the same arm that you pushed up with. Complete 5 reps on each side.

Jackknife Crunch
10 reps

Begin with legs straight up and arms extended overhead. Crunch up, reaching hands towards ankles. As you extend, lower arms and legs away evenly as low as you can. Make sure you are using your core, if it comes into the back reduce your range of motion.

Cycle Crunch
20 reps

Start lying on your back with legs up at 90 degrees. Place hands at temples or behind head. Reach elbow across the body to opposite knee, whilst extending the other leg. Return to centre and repeat on opposite side.

Single Leg Lowers
20 reps

Begin on back with legs up at 90 degrees. Keep belly button drawn in and core tight. Lower one leg toward the floor, the closer you lower the easier it will be, the further you lower the harder it will be. As you lower the leg, actively keep the core tight. Repeat on opposite leg.

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