Conventional or Sumo Deadlift?

Conventional or Sumo?

There are two main styles of deadlift. I personally do both, working in conventional during lighter lifts and when doing Romanians and Sumo for heavier sets. Whilst both are deadlifts that use a hinge at the hips and plenty of glute and hamstring development plus being an all round fantastic compound exercise for strength there are a few differences.



  • Feet are positioned under the hips, with toes pointed out slightly.
  • Set up by stepping close to the bar, so shins are almost touching.
  • Bend over to pick up the bar by hinging at the hips, keeping core tight and spine neutral.
  • Grip bar outside of legs and pretend to break the bar, keeping lats back and down. You can use an overhand grip or a switch grip
  • To pull bar off the floor, think of keeping body and core tight, pull the slack out of the bar and push the floor away with feet.
  • Use glutes and hamstrings to extend hips, not lower back.



  • Feet are positioned in a wide sumo stance with toes pointing out, finding the correct distance will depend on your preference.
  • Grip the bar on the inside of the legs with either overhand or switch grip. Hinge at the hips to bend over, keeping core tight and spine neutral.
  • ┬áRepeat as for conventional, gripping as if to break the bar, pulling the slack out of the bar before you lift and pushing the floor away with your feet using glute and hamstrings to extend the hip keeping core braced.

Play around with both styles and find what suits you better!

If you need to learn what a Deadlift even is to start with, or would like help with your training you can message me on 0488 782 633!


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