Dynamic Hip Stretches

Dynamic Stretching helps to improve the range of motion around the joints in your body to help you perform better and may prevent injury. This active style of stretching is great to prepare for training, or to start your day.

Try this Sequence to Open up your Hips!

10 Reps each side

From a plank position on the hands, reach left foot up and place on the outside of the left hand. Alternate between sinking the hips low while squeezing the glute and pushing the left knee out to the side. You should feel a stretch through the hip flexor on the right leg, the groin and the hamstring on the left leg. Repeat on this side for 10 repetitions, moving slowly. Repeat on opposite leg.

Deep Squat + Adductor
10 Reps

Sit as deep as you can into a squat, keep weight in your heels. If your range of motion is restricted you can use a block under your heels to begin with. Bring elbows to the inside of your knees and push knees out.
Then bring hands down to floor, using elbows as leverage to push knees out further. You should feel a stretch through your inner thighs (adductors). Alternate between your deep squat and adductor stretch, aiming to get a little deeper each time.

Downward Dog + Calf Walks
20 Reps

Push back into an upside-down V shape, drawing shoulders away from ears, and pointing tailbone to the sky. Slowly "walk" the heels, alternating stretching one calf down a little deeper.

Pigeon Variations
10 Reps each leg

Cross left leg under body. The right leg can be out behind you. Sink down into the stretch, beginning by propping yourself up with your arms and carefully allowing the stretch to occur in your glute. Slowly move your hands forward, lowering your body over the bent leg, searching for areas of tightness. Alternate between the top and bottom positions.

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