Dynamic Stretching – The Spiderman


Dynamic Stretching helps to improve the range of motion around the joints in your body. This is an active style of stretching, usually performed before training that will to help you perform better and may prevent injury.

Dynamic stretching involves movements in and out of functional ranges of motion which can be useful to break through neurologically tight tissues, and lubricating the active joints in the movements. This is the kind of “warm up” that we want to be using pre-training and pre-competition.

The hip is a ball and socket joint that is a central joints of the body, and plays a pivotal role in function of the lower extremities as well as the spine.

Since the hips are so highly active throughout many activities, it is also common that they develop immobility that hinders the function of the joints and movements they control.  So it is very important to target the ranges of motion in the hips directly when warming up.

One of the most versatile movements I use to open the hip is called the "Spiderman". This movement has 4 aspects to open the hip through extension, flexion, abduction and external rotation.

  • From a plank position on the hands, reach your left foot up and place on the outside of your left hand.
  • Sink the hips low in this first position while squeezing the glute on the leg behind to open through the hip flexor.
  • For the second variation, push the knee out to the side using your elbow as leverage. You should feel a stretch through the hip flexor on the right leg, the groin and the hamstring on the left leg.
  • For the third variation straighten the front leg, coming up onto the tips of your fingers. You will feel a stretch through the left hamstring.
  • For the fourth variation, return to the basic spiderman, turn away from the bent leg and sit low into a cossack style side lunge. You will feel the stretch through your adductor on the right leg.
  • Repeat on this side for 5-10 repetitions, moving slowly and aiming to increase the range of motion in the joint each repetition. Repeat on opposite leg.

Give The Spiderman a go before your next training session or first thing in the morning.

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