BootyCamp is an uplifting and supportive group training exclusively for women. The encouraging environment will push you to achieve not only amazing results in your body, but also strength and self-confidence. Sessions are challenging but any fitness level is welcome.

Strength and Conditioning

Based on High Intensity Interval Training, Strength and Conditioning sessions will increase your strength, reduce bodyfat and spike your metabolism!

Stretch and Flex

Breathe, stretch and flow through sequences to improve flexibility, core strength and relaxation. Perfect for recovery.

Ladies Circuit

A light circuit class based on improvement through encouragement and fun. Perfect for those getting back into exercise to increase their fitness.


A high intensity boxing workout focusing on skills and conditioning. Great for beginners or seasoned athletes to push their limits in speed, skill and fitness.

Charity BootCamps

Each month we hold a BootCamp to support a charity. It's always a fantastic session to come down and get sweaty to support a good cause.

Classes are a fantastic way to maintain your motivation, routine and results from the gym. They are an uplifting, encouraging environment to train in with support from both coach and other members in the class. Classes are kept to a maximum of 16 people to keep them close-knit.

We need to know all about you before you begin, so every member is required to do an Introductory session before commencing classes to work on technique.

Check out our timetable to find a class that suits you!